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More and more older teens and college age students are opting for vision correction at a young age to accommodate active lifestyles and to avoid dangerous eye infections from contact lens use. In addition, this age group realizes the greatest cost benefit – one time expense of vision correction versus a lifetime of glasses, contacts and solutions. Try our calculator to see how much you will save.

Candidates in this age a group must have a stable prescription for two years and a comprehensive eye exam by one of our refractive surgeons to determine eligibility. Procedures most likely for this group are SBK-Advanced LASIK, ASA- Advanced PRK, and Phakic IOL.

Teen Vision: Advanced Ocular Analysis

Our TeenVision Advanced Ocular Analysis is our in-depth eye exam focused on teen eyes. The TeenVision AOA includes:

• Durrie Vision’s signature Advanced Ocular Analysis
• Recommendations for your teen’s Vision for a Lifetime plan
• Endothelial cell counts to ensure healthy corneas
• Contact Lens counseling for proper use and care to prevent infection

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