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    • 31 AUG 16
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    Durrie Vision announces availability of Tecnis® Symfony Intraocular Lens

    Durrie Vision announces availability of Tecnis® Symfony Intraocular Lens

    The Symfony IOL is the first to deliver an extended depth of focus to presbyopic patients.

    Overland Park, KS (August 31, 2016) – Dr. Jason Stahl, Durrie Vision refractive surgeon and lens specialist, was the first in the midwest to implant the Tecnis® Symfony Lens following its recent approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. This breakthrough technology is the first-of-its kind to offer a continuous and extended range of focus to presbyopic and cataract patients seeking surgical vision correction to reduce their dependency on contacts and glasses.

    According to the American Optometric Association, more than 100 million Americans suffer from presbyopia, a condition in which the lens inside the eye loses flexibility, affecting the ability to see objects at a near distance. It begins in your early to mid-40s and continues to worsen over several years before developing into a cataract, which further impairs vision. Treatment options include refractive lens exchange and refractive cataract surgery, in which the natural lens inside the eye is replaced with a premium intraocular lens (IOL) designed to restore visual acuity to those patients.

    While traditional multifocal IOLs have delivered increased visual performance, some compromise between near, intermediate, and distance vision is needed to achieve the best results. The Tecnis® Symfony Lens, manufactured by Abbott Medical Optics Inc., is the first to provide an extended depth of focus without noticeable steps in accommodation between the varying depths. “The typical presbyopic patient uses a computer, tablet, or smartphone daily, relies on clear vision for driving, and enjoys an active lifestyle,” explains Dr. Stahl. “The ability to focus and experience crisp vision at a broad range of distances is important to these patients. With the Tecnis® Symfony Lens, patients don’t have to compromise clarity at any distance. It delivers improved vision across the board.” For patients with astigmatism, the Tecnis Symfony Toric lens is also available.

    About Durrie Vision

    Durrie Vision, in Overland Park, Kansas, is a world-class refractive surgery center and research department located in the Kansas City metro. At Durrie Vision, our focus is on providing exceptional outcomes within a world-class patient experience. Our laser vision correction options, such as advanced LASIK and refractive lens procedures, have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision. We are committed to excellence because the world turns to us for answers, and our patients turn to us for the best quality of care and technology available. Our refractive surgeons – Dr. Daniel S. Durrie, Dr. Jason E. Stahl, and Dr. Timothy P. Lindquist – are among the most experienced refractive surgeons in the country with international reputations as innovators and leaders in the field.


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