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    • 10 APR 09
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    Smith Presents Research at National Meeting

    April, 2009

    Dr. Ryan Smith, a Fellow at Durrie Vision, presented a poster and paper at the April 2009 meeting of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons in San Francisco.

    The poster highlighted results of the research study “Comparing Endothelial Cell Density After Sub-Bowman Keratomileusis and PRK for the Treatment of Myopia.” The objective of the study was to determine whether using the Intralase “all laser Lasik” had any effecton the corneal endothelium. The study concluded that the use of the Intralase had no effect on the endothelium and furthermore, therewas no difference found when compared to PRK, which does not use the Intralase.

    The paper, “Natural History of Epithelial In Growth After Flap Lift Enhancement Procedures for LASIK: Prospective Single-Center Evaluation,” presented results of an ongoing study at Durrie Vision that looks at ways to predict who’s at risk for and ways to prevent epithelial ingrowths after lift flap procedures. Lift flap enhancements are very safe and successful, however, approximately 2% of patients who have the procedure develop epithelial ingrowth, a condition where the skin cells of the cornea grow underneath the flap. Dr. Smith received his MD from the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine in 2004.

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