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Affordability and Financing

Determining Your Cost for Laser Vision Correction

The cost of LASIK or another refractive procedure varies according to the type of procedure that our doctors determine is best for you and your eyes. The value of a vision correction procedure is found in the quality of your care and your surgical outcomes. At Durrie Vision we start your patient experience with our exclusive Advanced Ocular Analysis, a state of the art, in depth eye exam with one of our refractive surgeons. This exam is specifically for patients interested in finding out if they would be a candidate for a vision correction procedure and to determine the cost of their surgery.

Payment Options

When considering a vision correction procedure, financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining the care you deserve. At Durrie Vision, our goal is to make vision correction procedures affordable. We offer zero down, zero percent interest deferred financing options and accept all HSA/FSA plans. Durrie Vision also accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Zero Down
Zero % Financing

Use your HSA/FSA Benefits

Your FSA can help you save for LASIK. You can put up to $2500 into your Flexible Spending Account each year.

Laser Vision Correction procedures such as LASIK are approved under most Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. By participating in an employer-sponsored FSA or HSA plan, you can set aside tax free money for your Laser Vision Correction procedure.

Open enrollment periods are brief and vary from one employer to another. Now is the perfect time to come in for an evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for laser vision correction. Then you will know how much to set aside in your plan to have your laser vision correction procedure.

Cost Comparison

Laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK are considered elective and not covered by insurance. The current marketplace can be confusing as multiple providers advertise a wide variety of prices. We encourage you to do your research to decide if Durrie Vision is right for you. Our world-class surgeons and highly trained staff use the best equipment/technology to produce excellent outcomes for our patients.

The two factors that directly impact your surgical outcomes are technology and surgeon expertise. Think about how important your eyes are to you. Would you go to the cheapest heart surgeon for open heart surgery?

Compare the cost of laser vision correction with the lifetime expense of glasses or contacts

Years of Expected Use
Number of years you will have used glasses and/or contacts in your lifetime
Cost of Annual Exam
Your cost per year for an annual eye exam
Annual cost of glasses
Your annual cost for your glasses including any prescription sunglasses
Annual cost of contact lenses
Your annual cost for contact lenses
Annual cost of Contact Lens Solution
Your annual cost for contact lens solution

The Average Cost of Eye Care Over 10 Years


  • Eye Exam (Every 2 Years) 
  • Frames (Every 2 Years) 
  • 10 Year Total 

Soft Disposable Lenses & Back-Up Glasses

  • Initial Exam with Lenses
  • Contact Lenses (Each Year) 
  •  Solution (Each Year) 
  • Frames 
  • 10 Year Total 

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses & Back-Up Glasses

  • Initial Exam wtih RGP Lenses
  • Eye Exam (Each Year) 
  • RGP Contact Lenses
  • Solution
  • Frames (Every 2 Years)
  • 10 Year Total 

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