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    • 27 JAN 15
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    Featured Patient: Loretta Copper

    Loretta with her beautiful granddaughter

    Loretta with her beautiful granddaughter

    Curious about vision correction? In our Featured Patient series, we profile real patients who share their experiences with Durrie Vision and how the procedure has changed their lives. This week we talked to Loretta Copper, a young grandmother whose glasses just didn’t fit her active lifestyle.

    Name: Loretta Copper

    Occupation: Business Development Specialist at RI Industries, Inc. – RIKC.

    Special interests / hobbies / superpowers:
    People! Making those around me smile. Collecting rocks for my garden. Spending time with family and friends. And as a Midwest girl, I love the ocean!

    Why did you choose to have vision correction surgery?
    I knew my vision was getting worse each year, and the reality of the expense of the long-term cost of glasses began to set in. When I heard others talk about their experience and the success they had with Durrie Vision, I made the decision to come in for an exam. At the consultation I was told I was not a candidate for LASIK, but instead for RLE. When I compared the cost and the outcome between the two, dollar-wise I was way ahead, plus I would have the luxury of never having glasses or developing cataracts. The financial and lifestyle benefits made it a no brainer.

    Any post-surgery “wow” moments stand out?
    Where do I start?! Seeing clearly my granddaughter’s face and the moon craters again after all these years. Waking up each morning and not having to reach for my glasses! Not worrying about depth perception. Riding my motorcycle – the only glasses I have to buy are my sunglasses!

    What three words best describe your feelings on life after laser vision correction?
    Brilliant. Envied. Cost-savvy.

    Any final thoughts?
    In my profession of providing customer service, I have never been somewhere where the customer service exceeded my expectations. And this was it. Durrie Vision is first-class.

    Spending time on her Harley is much more enjoyable without the glasses!

    Loretta finds her time on her Harley to be much more enjoyable now that she’s free from glasses!


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