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    • 10 NOV 15
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    Featured Patient: Len Dawson’s Story

    Featured Patient: Len Dawson’s Story

    New Vision for a Kansas City Chiefs Legend

    Len Dawson’s resume features an impressive list of titles – Chiefs quarterback, Superbowl MVP, NFL Hall of Famer and sports broadcaster, just to name a few. At 80, Len is still sharing his familiar voice and sports commentary with the Kansas City community.

    While Len’s passion for sports continued to grow over the years, his vision began to deteriorate. Cloudy, unreliable vision was becoming the norm. Struggling to read the teleprompter and box scores, Len’s changing vision was affecting both his career and lifestyle.

    Frustrated by these changes, Len turned to Dr. Jason Stahl at Durrie Vision. The solution? Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). According to Dr. Stahl, “More and more of our patients over the age of 50 are choosing RLE to not only treat or prevent cataracts, but to also greatly reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses, bifocals, and readers. It’s an option that can improve both their vision and their lifestyle, like it did for Len.”

    After his procedure, Len sat down with us to discuss his experience. Check out the video below to hear more.

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