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    Ask Jake: Will I Meet with a Surgeon During the Consult?

    Untitled-4-01-150x150In this recurring blog feature, Jake, our patient services representative, addresses frequently asked questions on LASIK and other refractive vision procedures. Have another question? Contact us or ask in the comments below.

    Will I get to meet with a surgeon during the consultation?

    At Durrie Vision, yes! Our Advanced Ocular Analysis is a 90-minute in-depth exam looking at the overall health and anatomy of the eyes to best determine candidacy for a corrective procedure. This exam includes a consult with one of our surgeons who will go over all of your results as well as map out a Lifetime Vision Plan, which will include any recommended vision correction procedures. We encourage our patients to come prepared with questions and discuss any concerns with their surgeon to help put them at ease during the entire process.

    When is the best time to start looking into a procedure?
    While there are varying factors that often drive a person to look into laser vision correction — age, lifestyle, etc. — people as young as 18 years of age can be considered a candidate. It’s important that the prescription is stable for at least one year prior to exploring surgical options. Younger patients enjoy the greatest cost benefit over time as they compare the cost associated with a one-time procedure to a lifetime of glasses, contacts, and solutions. Try our calculator to see how much you will save.

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