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    • 22 JUN 15
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    7 Summer Activities Improved with LASIK

    7 Summer Activities Improved with LASIK

    It’s summer! In honor of the change of seasons, we put together a fun list of summer favorites that only get better with SBK- Advanced LASIK.

    1. Swimming ­­– Choosing to have LASIK means never having to choose between two not-so-great options again: forgo corrective lenses all together, compromising vision during your time in the water; or wear contacts and deal with sticky lenses, lost lenses, or worse – infection. If you do choose to wear contact lenses in the water, make sure to replace them with a new pair as soon as possible to reduce risk of infection.

    2. Running & biking – Sweat dripping into your eyes is never comfortable, but sweat fogging up your glasses or sticking to your contact lenses is a whole new level of irritation. LASIK gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor exercise without these common complaints.

    3. Camping – Roasting s’mores over a campfire? Yes, please. Campfire smoke in your contact lenses? No, thanks.

    4. Travel – The daily maintenance required with contact lenses becomes even more apparent when you travel. Imagine never having to pack and manage extra contact lenses, solution, and a backup pair of glasses again. LASIK frees you from that extra hassle.

    5. Sporting events – The first time you watch a baseball game after having LASIK is always memorable. Whether you’re right behind home plate or enjoying from the top of the stadium, seeing details on the field with more clarity than before is a moment to remember.

    6. Amusement parks – Nothing says summer fun more than a day at the amusement park. Choosing LASIK means never having to worry about keeping your glasses from falling off on a roller coaster or getting water in your contacts on the splash rides!

    7. Sleep – Say goodbye to twice daily contact lens cleanings! LASIK gives you 5 more minutes at night and 5 more minutes in the morning. Over the course of 3 months, that adds up to 15 hours of extra sleep! Need we say more?





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