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    • 12 AUG 16
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    7 Olympians and Athletes Who Opted for the LASIK Life

    7 Olympians and Athletes Who Opted for the LASIK Life

    An exciting week into the Summer Olympics has many of us glued to the TV watching the best and brightest athletes from across the world compete. Like most of us do, athletes care about their eyes and having excellent vision quality is a necessity, whether it’s on field, court, or in the pool. Just like us mere mortals, even some of the world’s best need vision correction. Considering contacts, glasses, and sports don’t exactly mix, more and more athletes are turning to laser vision correction, an option that fits both their vision needs AND their lifestyle. Curious about those who’ve opted for The LASIK Life? Check out a few of our favorites below or head over to The Bleacher Report for more.

    1. Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken has won six gold medals in her career for Team USA. She is one of the top gold medal winning female U.S. swimmers. She had her LASIK procedure in 2011.

    2. Brendan Hansen, the three-time gold medalist in swimming, received LASIK in 2009. He went on to win a gold medal and a bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics in the 4×100 meter medley relay and the 100-meter breaststroke.

    3. BMX biker Jill Kintner is a bronze medalist in Women’s BMX from the 2008 Summer Olympics. Before heading to Beijing that year, she had Laser Vision correction that accelerated her talents to the winner’s podium.

    4. The NBA Star and now coach Derek Fisher went on to win two back-to-back NBA Champion awards in 2009 and 2010 after his LASIK procedure in 2007. He played for various teams until finally becoming coach of the New York Knicks starting in 2014.

    5. Dwyane Wade started living the LASIK life in 2011. Since then, he has gone on to secure two NBA championships, as well as an All-Game MVP award and continued NBA All-Star awards all the way up to the current 2016 season.

    6. NBA player LeBron James invested in his LASIK procedure in 2007 and went on to win 3 NBA championships as well as three MVP awards, including the MBA award for Scoring Champion in 2008.

    7. Former Kansas City Royals star and MLB Hall of Famer George Brett looked into joining the LASIK life in 2010 after an illustrious career in baseball. Even after having to wear glasses later on in life, Brett was able to have a successful procedure. He now is the Vice President of Baseball Operations for the Royals since 2013.

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